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HME Bow String Wax
  • Qté disponible : 0
  • Disponibilité : En rupture d'inventaire
ALLEN Crossbow String Wax / Rail Lube Combo
  • Qté disponible : 21
  • Disponibilité : En inventaire
ALLEN Bowstring Wax
  • ALLEN Bowstring Wax
  • Allen
  • Code : 995-674
  • Ideal for today's synthetic bowstrings, the Titan™ Compound & Recurve Bowstring Wax helps lengthen your strings life by reducing fraying and protecting your string from dust, dirt, and moisture. The wax melts in nicely, is smooth, and any excess easily wipes away—0.90 oz.
  • Qté disponible : 52
  • Disponibilité : En inventaire
ALLEN Crossbow Rail Lubricant
  • ALLEN Crossbow Rail Lubricant
  • Allen
  • Code : 995-676
  • The Crossbow Rail Lubricant increases bolt speed and string life while decreasing noise and string wear by reducing friction. This bow care essential comes in a convenient stick in a tube design that is easy to apply. Perfect for keeping in your bow case, pocket, or Hunting pack. Net weight: …
  • Qté disponible : 18
  • Disponibilité : En inventaire